C200 Reachout for Women's Business Leadership

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The Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business will host a C200 Reachout on Friday, April 7, to connect women business students and alumni with members of the Committee of 200, an international network of some of the world's top women corporate executives and entrepreneurs, through a full day of panel discussions. This is the first Reachout to be hosted in the state of Michigan; the theme is "The Motor City: Women at the Wheel." Students and alumni may bring a woman executive or peer from their workplace as a guest. Lunch is included and there is no cost to attend.

Panelists from C200 and the Detroit community attending the April 7 Reachout include: 


  • Florine Mark, Chair, The WW Group Inc.
  • Denise Ilitch, President of Ilitch Enterprises
  • Pam Craig, Former COO, Accenture; Chair, The Committee of 200 Foundation
  • Mindi Fynke, President & CEO, EHIM Inc.
  • Janet C. Muhleman, President, re:group inc
  • Jill Hebert, CEO/Owner, Matrix Exhibits
  • Sandra E. Pierce, Chair, Huntington Michigan; Senior Executive Vice President, Huntington National Bank
  • Terri Chapman, CEO, MNP Corporation
  • Luanne Thomas Ewald, CEO, Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • Jane Warner, Board of Directors, Tenneco, Regal Beloit, and Brunswick Corporation
  • Lisa Pollina, Former Vice Chairman, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Terry Barclay, President and CEO, Inforum Center for Leadership
  • Susan E. Burns, Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs, Wayne State University; President, Wayne State University Foundation
  • Anne Doyle, Author, Speaker, Leader
  • Julie Pearl, CEO and Founder, Pearl Law Group; Chair and Co-Founder, Tracker Corporation
  • Donna Couch, Owner and Principal, Couch Consultants
  • Mary Stevens, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Herman Miller Inc.
  • Angela Brown, President & CEO, Moneris Solutions
  • Jori Hartwig, Vice President, Inforum Center for Leadership; Director, Mediafast Inc.


C200's 400+ members represent more than 100 industries in North America and throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. The primary mission of C200 and its foundation is to fund, create and implement programs to inspire, support, foster, celebrate and advance future generations of women business leaders.

Female Wayne State business students and alumni are invited to the intensive April 7 Reachout, at which C200 members will seek to demonstrate the value of pursuing a career in business to young women who may not have made their initial career decisions. Panels and roundtable discussions will be aimed at demonstrating the positive aspects of a business career, dispelling myths about pursuing a business career, and the many possibilities that exist within different fields. 

Panel topics include: 

  • "Start your (own) engine: Is entrepreneurship right for you?" – According to Fortune magazine, the Motor City is the new surprising face of female entrepreneurship. Young women in their 20s and 30s are fueling the city's revival. Successful C200 members share their stories about the high and low roads to entrepreneurial success. 

  • "The road less traveled" –  Few American women have scaled the corporate ladder to the top: Statistics document the glacial gains of women as top management team members in Michigan companies – and beyond. C200 members who have gone the distance share their stories and tips about doing it and how.

  • "Getting on board: Community service, volunteerism and public life" – Studies have shown that volunteering strengthens communities, is good for physical and emotional health and can help advance a career. C200 members talk about giving back while moving forward and the personal and professional merits of community service.

  • "Powering up!" – C200 members provide career advice and tips about personal branding, networking and more. They also discuss career collisions and side-swipes – how to avoid them if you can, and recover from them if you can't. Students learn about the upside of failure and the importance of personal resilience.

For more information, go to ilitchbusiness.wayne.edu/c200.

Student Center Ballroom
5221 Gullen Mall
Detroit, MI 48202

For more information about this event, please contact Toni Somers at 313-577-9594 or toni_somers@wayne.edu.

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