DEI...What is next for the College of Engineering?

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Diversity is critical to the health of industry, driving innovation and growth of new technologies. WSU College of Engineering leads many US institutions in several areas of diversity. 

Join us for a virtual discussion on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and hear firsthand how the College of Engineering is committed to fostering a culture of DEI now and into the future. Speakers at this event include:

Farshad Fotouhi, Dean, College of Engineering

Julius Reeves, Alum and Chair, Engineering Alumni Council

Avinash Rachmale, Alum and Chairman and CEO of LGC Global Inc. 

Uma Raghavan, Alum and Entrepreneur in Residence, Allen Institute of AI Incubator, Seattle

Susan Iwasiuk, Alum and Chair, Women in Engineering Executive Leadership Society

DeJuan Woods, Director of Corporate Relations, WSU

Cedric Brooks, Assistant Director, WSU Engineering Career Center


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