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Research@Honors is hosting its fourth research workshop with two of our Honors College Senior Lecturers; Dr. Aaron Martin and Dr. Kamahra Ewing, who will present on research topics that they have pursued. Attendees and young aspiring researchers will have the opportunity to listen and ask the presenters questions on getting involved in research projects and engaging in research.

Dr. Aaron Martin, along with some Honors students, will present how they are conducting research through the projects they are working on. Following is an excerpt of their description of their work:

We have four scholarly articles that will be sent out for publication to peer-reviewed journals the first week in April. The project is a semester-long program where four groups of four Honors students use neo-pragmatism to provide a theoretical re-orientation to a social problem we've identified as creating an unsustainable situation. For example, in one group we are arguing that a real lack of economic opportunity puts at risk the health of our democracy. Each group meet once a week to discuss process, assess progress, and assign work according to the plan. In addition to the actual research, the students divide the labor but remain in contact to ensure continuity, which helps build teamwork and trust, as well as come up with a journal strategy, which has greatly familiarized them with the process of publishing.

Dr. Kamahra Ewing will discuss the research she conducted for her doctoral dissertation entitled, "Nollywood Goes to Brazil: Counter-hegemonic Media Flows in the African Diaspora.” Her dissertation examines the correlations between intra-ethnic identity and citizenship under recent Brazilian affirmative action legislation. Mixed methods data collected in Salvador, Bahia and Sao Paulo revealed the Nollywood (Nigerian movie) phenomenon in Brazil–through exhibitions, co-productions, and audience reception within recent Nigerian immigrant communities as well as mostly Afro-Brazilian communities.

Refreshments will be served.

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