WSU Humanities Center Brown Bag Series: Adrienne Jankens and Clay Walker

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The WSU Humanities Center invites faculty, students, staff, and the community to a Brown Bag talk given by Adrienne Jankens and Clay Walker (Assistant Professors, Honors College) on the topic of "Collaborative Research in the Humanities". 


In Fall 2020, along with faculty and graduate student colleagues in Communication, Learning Design and Technology, and English, we formed a working group focused on reading in antiracist language and literacy practices. The team’s work quickly expanded into drafting a collaborative grant proposal and pilot study, and, as emergent team leaders, we met regularly to talk through planning and what we were learning about the logistics of collaborative research in the humanities. We recorded these meetings, persuaded that through the experience, we would learn something valuable not only about our own processes, but about what we could say regarding what we both understood about the integral value of collaborative scholarship, but needed to be able to express for these experiences to be recognized as valuable in institutional contexts. In this presentation, we draw from a thematic content analysis of these meeting transcripts to identify several themes addressed during our one-on-one collaboration that ultimately shaped the work of our interdisciplinary research team.

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